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Peruvian golfer Gutiérrez two strokes away from winning the title in the Women’s category. Harvey still in the lead in Men’s

Peruvian golfer Gutiérrez two strokes away from winning the title in the Women’s category. Harvey still in the lead in Men’s

Scot golf player Dryburgh is the new leader in the Women’s category

After the third round of the 10th South American Amateur Golf Tournament being played at the Lima Golf Club, the thrill of the game seems to have taken hold of the participating golfers as there is only one more round to go. The decisive last round will take place on Sunday 25th to determine who the best of South America are. As it was previously announced by the R&A, the winners in both categories will receive the fabulous prizes of getting to play in the European Amateur Championship (all expenses paid).

US player Scott Harvey’s card had 70 strokes with a total of 205 (-10) and is still in the lead. Nonetheless, since the start of the tournament, he has had to watch out for Argentinean Matías Simaski, who had an excellent third round of 68 (-4) and totaled 207 (-9) ending only a stroke away from the lead. In the third place, another Argentinean, Andrés Schonbaum, made 69 shots (-3) with a total of 208 (-8).

The final tomorrow will be very exciting for women golfers too. After 54 holes, Scot player Gemma Dryburgh finished with a score of 71 strokes (-1) and a total of 218 (+2), which put her in the lead. Peruvian Lucía Gutiérrez, leader of the first three rounds, was not in her best day and ended with a card of 77 strokes (+5) totaling 220 (+4). She is now trailing the European golfer, followed by Mexican María Fasi 73 today (+1) and Irish player María Dunne, who also finished with 73 strokes.

Among the Peruvians, Patricio Alzamora is still in the lead, ranking in the 7th place with 212 strokes (-4). On the other hand, Andrés Cáceres, the 15-year old from the Golf for Everyone Program of the Peruvian Golf Federation ranks in the 49th place.

“This was another good round for me, without bogeys or complications. I played smoothly and I am still in the lead. Tomorrow, the key will be to continue playing golf like this. Another thing that is always important is to come out in the last group”, stated Scott Harvey, winner of the U.S. Mid-Amateur Tournament last year, which allowed him to play in the Augusta Masters in 2015.

Now, the new first runner-up is Argentinean Matías Simaski, who had a great day and was able to climb positions and ensure coming out in the last group. “I was able to play well in general. I couldn’t do much at the start but on the way back I manage to hole more and pick up speed. The idea was to do as little as possible and hope the leaders would not run away. Luckily, it turned out this way and tomorrow I will come out very closely to fight the tournament. This is my first South American tournament and I have high hopes. It is good to be fighting and my goal is to continue the rounds under par”, he said.

In the Women’s category, the duel of the 2013 edition in Barranquilla is back on again but this time in Lima between local player Lucía Gutiérrez (champion of the Barranquilla tournament) and Scot golfer Gemma Dryburgh. “It was a shifting round. In the second hole, I made a double bogey and an Eagle in the third. The day was that “interesting” for me. I think the eagle put me at ease and I was able to play calmly. The placement of the flags was too complicated, given the fact they were hidden in the corners of the greens and we had to be very careful. Last year, I ranked second in Colombia in this tournament and this time I want to win. I must keep my game and continue playing well”, highlighted Dryburgh.

“Despite of it all, it was a good round because I played well. I failed to hole more. I was happy with my score but the 18th drive was very bad and I shot it outside the limits. Luckily, I was able to make a two meter putt par double bogey. That left me only two strokes away, which is not too bad. Last year, I was also left with two strokes away and I got the title. I think I can do the same tomorrow. I like to come out from behind and I trust my game”, commented Gutiérrez, the 18-year old who is defending her title this week.

So far, this is how things stand at the South American Amateur Tournament. Tomorrow many of the players will come out to play to obtain the fabulous prize that is at stake this week.