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South American Amateur

For several years, the South American Golf Federation (SAGF) calendar consisted of only regional team championships, fulfilling great days and impressive feats that strengthened our bonds of friendship around our historic contests. Despite how exciting the team competitions were, a new scenario was needed to crown the best players individually.

An initiative proposed by the Executive Secretary of the SAGF in the Annual meeting in 2005 considered essential to have an individual championship to determine and reward the best players in the continent yearly.

This is how the South American Amateur Open was born, a competition that began its history as the South American Amateur Championship in Guayaquil in 2006 and played under Match Play. Soon, it was consolidated as a key event in our calendar, growing and improving year after year. Little by little, the championship evolved, changing to a Stroke Play format suitable for expanding the participation of players from other regions.

After some years of playing as a regional event, the SAGF, together with The R&A, decided to convert it into a premiere international event and attract the participation of amateur players from around the world. In recent years official representatives from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada, among others have competed in the championship.

Due to the covid pandemic, the event was not played in 2021 and returned in 2022 to be played at the Quito Tenis and Golf Club in Ecuador.

South American Amateur Champions